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Sheldon Maddix, a certified professional life coach and a gifted prophetic strategist, is at your service. With his unique expertise, he can provide invaluable assistance across various aspects of your life, be it personal, professional, family-related, health, relationships, personal development, or even the interpretation of your dreams.

Unlock Your Destiny with Prophetic Life Coaching by Sheldon Maddix

Experience a transformative one-on-one coaching session with Sheldon Maddix, available in both 30-minute and 1-hour durations, conducted via recorded telephone calls.

Sheldon possesses the rare ability to help you overcome the common obstacles that hinder individuals from realizing and fulfilling their true potential and life purpose. During your session, Sheldon will guide you towards your divine life mission by thoroughly assessing your current circumstances, providing profound spiritual insights, and identifying the barriers standing in your way. You will gain a deeper understanding of your present life situation and receive a fundamental strategy for your next steps.

Sheldon Maddix's Prophetic Life Coaching merges his extensive experience as a certified life coach with his exceptional spiritual prophetic gifts and dream interpretation talents. He has successfully interpreted over 25,000 dreams and has empowered thousands of individuals to attune themselves to the voice of the divine and uncover their destinies.

What Your Session May Cover (but is not limited to):

  1. Personal life issues

  2. Business strategies

  3. Dream interpretation

  4. Development of your spiritual gifts

  5. Discerning the voice of God

  6. Prophetic words of knowledge and wisdom

  7. Crafting life plans

  8. Guidance and instructions

  9. Tailored exercises or assignments, as required

Rest assured that your coaching call is entirely confidential, and upon request, you will receive a secure link to download an MP3 audio recording of your coaching session.

Please communicate in English for all inquiries and sessions. Sheldon Maddix is here to guide you towards a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

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