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Unlock Your Breakthrough with Sheldon Maddix's Prophetic Consultation Sessions!

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At The Prophet 1 On 1, we specialize in helping individuals hear God's voice for their personal lives, businesses, or ministries. Our mission is to assist you in partnering with God's vision for your life by offering godly counsel, wisdom, direction, prayer support, spiritual breakthroughs, prophetic encouragement, and confirmation.

Our goal is to help you establish a thriving relationship with God and fulfill your unique purpose on earth. We believe you were placed here for a reason, and God wants to use you to make a positive impact. Our experienced prophetic coaches provide insights and equip you with tools to discern and apply prophetic words, working alongside God for their fulfillment.

If you're seeking heaven invading your life, business, or ministry, partner with us on this journey of spiritual growth. Let us help unlock the full potential of your relationship with God and guide you toward fulfilling His purpose for your life.

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